Dewatering Projects


We have a comprehensive stock of well point dewatering pumps and other equipment as part of our hire fleet.  The area of this excavation measured 80m. x 12m. The natural ground water table was 1.5m.


Two dewatering sets were used which ran non -stop for 3 months without any failures.  The ground water table was lowered 3m and remained totally dry during the course of the construction.

Orewa Beachside Apartment Complex dewatering project

In Orewa we dewatered a beachside location in order to keep the site dry for construction of foundations for an apartment complex.


  •     Six inch header pipe with swingers attached to wellpoints
  •     Six inch header pipe with swingers attached to wellpoints, with pump on the left.
  •     Four inch header pipe with generator and sediment tank
  •     Sediment tanks and diesel pump


Bore Test Dewatering Project

Doing a bore test in Christchurch, to measure how much water is coming out

Westhaven Excavation Dewatering Project

An excavation at Westhaven, the dark banding in the sand shows the water level prior to dewatering:

Excavation in Miriangi Bay using disposable well points:

Miriangi Bay Dewatering Project using Disposable Well Points


Browns Bay Gas Main Repair Dewatering Project

Dewatered excavation site in Browns Bay in order to repair a mains gas pipe

An excavation in Paihia using disposable wellpoints

Paihia Dewatering Project using Disposable Well Points

Jetting Well Point Dewatering Project

Jetting a hole for the reusable well points laid behind:

Orewa Construction Site Dewatering Project with Reusable Well Points

Preparing a residential dewatering site prior to excavation with reusable well points

Riverside Orewa Dewatering Project using Reusable Well Points

Trench shields holding open the ground to lay a new pipe. Dewatering equipment has removed water to required level, using reusable well points


Ruakaka Dewatering Project

Dewatering Ruakaka site during excavation